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Music and singing are Hannah’s biggest passions in life. From the school days of singing in plays, in the school choir and at Jazz evenings she has been developing her unique vocal skills since childhood. Exposed to many different genres from a very young age too, Hannah’s love affair with D&B began when her big brother used to play it at home when she was about 9 years old.

As Hannah grew up she began writing and laying down vocals for an array of producers shortly after being introduced to Lynx through a friend of her brothers. She has now worked with an impressive list of well known artists on labels such as Med School Music, Spearhead, V Recordings, C.I.A, Liquicity, Flexout Audio and many many more.

Hannah was first introduced to Addictive when she appeared over a collab project by Brazillian artists Nitri and Level 2 which was to appear on our first ‘Rotation’ various artists project. ‘Don’t Think’ with it’s hefty warping sub bass and minimal high hat and symbol driven beat made a perfect backing for Hannah’s subtle absorbing tones and was a breakthrough track on the album. You can expect to hear more Hannah vocals brightening up some Addictive beats on future releases.

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