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Vladislav Goziev is a drum & bass musician and producer from Ukraine, better known under the pseudonym Mailky. Born in the town of Lugansk in 1996, he began his path in to the world of D&B in 2013 at the young age of 17 with his first releases appearing on Warrior Sounds Recordings.

3 years on and Mailky’s output has spread to an impressive collection of respectable labels such as Soul Deep, Main Arena and Bad Taste Recordings and in doing so he has worked with some great breakthrough artists including Black Barrel, Kooka and more recently Gydra. Their latest collaboration saw them appear alongside a formidable list of talented producers on Bad Tastes ‘Black Box Four’ album.

But it was his collaboration project with producer and friend Eastcolors where Mailky really stood out to Addictive. ‘Bounce’ featuring on Eastcolors 3 track EP in 2015 managed to bridge the nexus between 1992 hardcore and modern D&B. A huge hardcore riff combined with a dense, coloured, whomping bass, shuffling breaks and laced with a juggling percussion, it gave a wonderful synthesis of the old and new.

Mailky is pushing the boundaries of modern D&B with his unique blend of atmospheric sounds intertwined with a gritty explosiveness and some crisp drum programming. This is an artist to watch out for.

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