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Jakub Šenšel aka Minor Rain was always fascinated by music as a youngster. When he was just six his parents signed him up for piano lessons which he continued for 6 years. He then went on to play saxophone for 2 years. But it wasn’t until many years later that Jakub got the music buzz again and joining up with a friend decided to begin a career in music production. Jakub started producing in 2009, along with his friend under the name ‘soundNbeats’ releasing successfully on many labels including Breakfast Audio, Fokuz, Celsius, and more.

But soon Jakub found he wanted to attempt different sounds reflecting his own personal mood within his tunes. Always equipped with a fascination for deeper styles, the Minor Rain moniker came into existence in 2011 with forward-thinking experimentation in mind. Since then he has achieved a significant following with releases to date on labels including Renegade Hardware, Dispatch Recordings, Med School Music and Samurai. The array of outlets displays his wide-ranging approach to production, with tracks both for smashing the dance floor and stimulating the mind.

Minor Rain’s affiliation with Addictive Behaviour began in 2014 with his appearance on AB’s inaugural release, the ‘High Rollers EP’. ‘Powerball’ with it’s Distinctive, demanding and heavy bass was favoured by many and marked the beginning of a great coupling. Since then we have seen two solo returns to the label year on year, first with 2015’s ‘Flux / Thunderbird’ release and more recently with the ‘Resistance EP’ in 2016, a three track monster that showcases the wondrous talents and dedication of the creative Slovakian producer. In all of Minor Rain’s productions you can hear the devotion that has been poured in to the tune just from the sheer layers in every bar. Be sure to have a listen to all future releases from Minor Rain for a special piece of D&B musicality that is rare to find.

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