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This breakthrough artist is yet another one of Russia’s best kept secrets. Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Nami is an inspirational new talent whose name is soon to be on everyone’s lips. Launching his first releases in just 2015 and boom, in the space of a year he has managed to secure tracks on Syndrome Audio, Medschool Music & of course Addictive Behaviour.

Nami first caught Addictive’s ears when a track was sent over by his friend and collab partner Eastcolors for his solo EP project in 2015. The track was called ‘Times’, and with its air cushioned pad sweeps and resonating bass layers, moulded together with the precision of a Swiss timepiece, it was an instant hit. Following this Nami sent over a track for the annual Rotation various artist project and again had our attention. ‘Downpour’ showcased Nami’s incredible engineering skills with it’s warping subs and splashy drums giving us a real attack on the senses.

The talent of this young audio engineer is clearly a force to be reckoned with. Currently devoting his energy to numerous pieces for future projects, we can guarantee that you will be hearing some game changing tracks from Nami Ongaku in the very near future . . .

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