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One half of the Addictive Behaviour label partnership is Saunders. Label Co-Manager, DJ and producer, Neil has held a huge passion for drum and bass since he was a young teenager. Like many of us growing up he was inspired by his older brother blaring out slamming vinyl tape packs and Andy C CDs from his room. It wasn’t long before he was attending his first raves at the likes of Bagleys and The End and purchasing his first pair of 1210s.

Jump forward a few years and with Saunders hunger for the industry growing ever stronger, he decided to start throwing and DJing at parties of his own in and around London. It was around that time that Saunders met Clayton Baker, the other member of the Addictive HQ. Clayton had a shared interest in starting a fresh new brand with a record label and a view to throwing larger events somewhere down the line. Thus Addictive Behaviour was born.

Now 5 years on and counting Saunders has been supporting the label behind stage with Clay and representing Addictive on stage at parties and on radio too. Playing alongside huge names including Doc Scott, Commix, Alix Perez, Zero T, Ed:it, Culture Shock, Philth, Halogenix and more. And when he’s not hard at work on the label, he’s head down in the studio writing music. Patiently working behind scenes on productions, we’ll soon be hearing what Saunders has to offer. For now you can catch Saunders repping Addictive on his LifeFM.TV show.

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