Rhys Christie and James Woodcock are more commonly known together as Tephra & Arkoze. The collaboration tag team only came in to fruition in the last 3 to 4 years. Yet in that time these talented musicians from Hertfordshire have managed to gain much respect in the scene with DJ support from huge names such as AMC, Amoss, Bailey, Doc Scott, Friction, John B, Noisia, S.P.Y, and many more. Why? Because their production is next level, that’s why.

Their first release came in July 2013 after impressing Proximity recordings in the form of their 4 track ‘Contrast’ E.P. Since then they have seen their releases roll out on a number of esteemed labels including Invisible Recordings, Engage Audio, Proximity, Vandal Records and Nurtured Beatz and have lot’s more in the pipeline too.

We got our first taste of Tephra & Arkoze when sourcing tracks for the annual various artist album project, ‘Rotation – Part Two’. After being blown away by the tight minimal production on ‘Pattern’ an Invisible Recordings release of theirs, we were keen to see what else the T&A duo had up their sleeves. They served up another great collab alongside Release with their murky and moody ‘Forfeit’ track showcasing their cutting edge production skills once again.

To sum up Tephra & Arkoze are devoted and dedicated to delivering top notch music and are making waves in the scene. And when these guys aren’t hard at work in the studio they’re behind the decks so look out and listen out for more of Tephra & Arkoze when you’re out and about.

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