About The Label


Our Background

Addictive Behaviour is owned by Neil & Clayton. We were introduced to each other back in 2011 by mutual friends at a drum & bass rave in Brixton Academy. We kept crossing paths at various London raves and discovered we shared strong interests in events promotion, label management and an all round addiction for D&B music and raves. Both of us craved more involvement in the scene, so it was decided to team up and begin a new project. After two years in the making, on December 12th 2013 – Addictive Behaviour Records was proudly unleashed to the world.

Fast forward almost 4 years later, and with the help of our extended team, Addictive Behaviour have released nearly 70 tracks, working with over 30 artists and have successfully hosted a number of cutting edge label parties in the central London area.

The Team

Whilst the Addictive HQ consists of Neil & Clayton, the extended team spreads much further. Over the past 4 years we have become affiliated with some of the best writers, designers and promoters in the industry. We are now proud to work with all of the companies seen here and many more which are supporting our events and promotions. Collectively we share expertise in planning and delivery of music events, promoting and marketing, business management, artist management, web design, graphic design, music production, DJing, and audio-visual engineering.

In fact we are lucky enough to have an audio–visual engineer in the family who was previously responsible for the rigs in London superclub Fabric, so we can always be confident our events will deliver top quality sound and lighting displays too.


The Music

Over the first couple of years we carved out a reputation for a sound that edged somewhere between the blurred lines of neuro and tech. In fact many of the scene’s press described AB Records inital output as Techfunk. However as the label has developed so too has our music and more recently we have focused our attentions to deeper moody, rolling D&B along with techy minimal styles and occasional hints of jungle as well.

As we progress we will no doubt continue to expand on our initial musical branding and dip our toes into numerous styles along the way, as long as they all retain one resounding and unifying theme: music production of the highest quality. Here is our Soundcloud page which covers all of our releases to date.

“Big Tunes! Thankyou”
Doc Scott
“Amazing productions as usual.”– Neonlight
“Nice work, quality sounds!” – John B
“Huge tracks” – Ulterior Motive
“All the tracks are wicked.”SPY

*Just some of the feedback . . .


With the help of our PR agency Cygnus Music, we have worked hard to build a reputation for our events, the DJ’s & producers and the brand itself across all media platforms. Below is a snapshot of some of our press highlights to give you an idea of our global reach and the broad scope of avenues that we promote with.



Our radio coverage has gone from strength to strength. With our first plays and guest mixes coming on The Risky’s Drum&Bass Arena Podcast and Crissy Criss’s BBC Radio 1 Xtra show. These have progressed to the likes of legends such as Hospital Records head honcho London Elektricity and international star John B supporting us on their respective Podcasts.

We’ve received strong support across FM stations too including Friction’s BBC Radio 1 Show, Tom Ravenscroft’s Radio 6 Music Show and other top D&B radio artists such as Hype, Basher and Joe Ford on their KISS FM Shows. We have also seen our radio exposure grow from local to international. Starting with UK stations such as Rinse, Kool London, Rude and Origin FM backing our tracks, progressing to popular foreign stations such as Bass Island FM, Italy’s leading D&B station and regular support from Dutch legends Noisia.


We have made it our aim to have a consistent and broad presence online from day one, securing editorials, ads and features on both well-known reputable sites as well as underground; blogs and forums run by “die-hard” D&B heads. Drum&Bass Arena have backed us from the beginning as well as cult sites such as Ninja Ninja, In-Reach & DnB Dojo. As we have grown we have broadened our target market by securing features with prosperous music sites that are not specifically tailored towards D&B such as ThumpVice and DataTransmission and utilising their popular Soundcloud channels to share our tracks. We also work regularly with many other Soundcloud and Youtube channels including EDM.net, Blackout, Skank&Bass, Neurofunkgrid and more.

These are just a few of the web based avenues in which we promote with. There are too many names to mention but this image is a sample of a typical promotion from us done for Ed:it on one of his releases with us in 2016.



Cygnus Music’s PR services have really helped our label win favour with printed press around the globe too. Their ever growing contact base has ensured that we have not only got coverage in the UK press, but worldwide as well.

We have now managed to feature in Pocket Magazine, Faze Magazine, DJ Mag and Mixmag in Italy, Spain, Germany, US and of course UK. In fact Mixmag UK have been our strongest printed press supporters to date, with their track reviews growing ever higher. Most of our releases have scored an impressive 9/10.

Check out this review on the left from Ewen at Mixmag for Eastcolors ‘Mad Day’ remixed by Ed:it.

Socials & Statists

To give you an idea of how Addictive have evolved over the first few years here’s a brief summary of our socials
along with some of our favourite statistics to date.

Our label ranking has grown year on year on beatport as we have secured more top 100 and top 10 drum & bass chart positions. And it’s set to rise again for 2018 with our first release of the year hitting the top 10, as well as our first ever Number 1 recently!



Soundcloud has played a pivotal role in premiering our music, along with our regular podcasts and event promo mixes. Our label page is forever growing with well over half a million plays to date.



Facebook has now become one of the premium avenues for advertising events and new music. We have always invested a lot of time and effort in promoting AB through our label page.



We have now hosted a number of events in London. Each night we have brought together a collection of artists from the label alongside big name headliners
that have supported us from the start. Here is a snapshot of these nights along with flyers and galleries.

Artist Roster

Finally, here is an interactive grid of all of the artists we have worked with since launching. We have now built up a formiddable list of varied talent from across
the globe. Click on an artist to read their bio or jump to their facebook artist page .



If you are interested in setting up an Addictive party of any kind we can cater for all size events, from hosting a room in a club to hosting a large scale festival stage. The majority of the artists above are available to us at preferred rates and we are happy to discuss your line up and any other requirements with you.
Feel free to call or email Label Managers Neil or Clayton or alternatively email our promotions team and someone will get back to you ASAP. Contact details below:

TEL: 07908161652


TEL: 07976436658


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