Presenting the first part of our High Rollers project we bring together four highly respected producers from across the globe to give our first release a very special flavour indeed. Detail, East Colours, Minor Rain and L 33 are all present showcasing an array of production styles and talent on the High Rollers Volume One EP.

Detail – Lost Time

Detail brings the vibe on Lost Time. The Ukrainian producer has been around since 2011 and has been getting better and better. His track has a building, futuristic quality to its beginning, before sounds clash in the drop to unveil a complex, intricate slice of neuro perfection. Deceptive, dominant and detailed, it marks out the territory of Volume One perfectly.

Eastcolors – Mad Day

The amazing EastColors brings you the infectious Mad Day. You’ll be familiar with EastColours’ collabs with Enei, but alone he can handle things just as well. Mad Day develops slowly, with its distinct beat working into the track, becoming surrounded with some sliding bass patterns and tough pads and effects. This one will grow on you, becoming a staple part of your set or music collection.

L 33 – Discrete

Bulgaria’s L 33 is up with Discrete. His contribution sums up the strength and depth of the EP perfectly, with a roaring tune full of what makes Addictive Behaviour the label it is. Involved, twisting bass complement a tough, unforgiving drum line, and L 33 pours in his magic on top. This genius minimal creation also caught the eye of none other than Andy C. Yes ‘Discrete’ also features on “the executioners” lastest edition to the Nighlife saga, Nightlife 6 on Ram Records!

Minor Rain – Powerball

Finally, Minor Rain drops in with the powerful Powerball, which in equal turns blazes a trail into the future and harks back to the classic late-90s period. Rhythm, melody and heavy doses of funk predominate, showcasing the producer’s fascination with the dark side of music. The track will draw you in, eat you up and spit you out. Distinctive, demanding and very, very heavy.