Russia’s Eastcolors has already featured on a wide range of labels, from Ram to Symmetry, from Revolution to BlackOut and now Addictive Behaviour. These two new offerings showcase his style, dedication and ability to warm the crowd and the dancefloor with ease.

EASTCOLORS – Electronica

Electronica starts with an urgent, jazz-influenced drum fill, with electronics bouncing around the drumline. This flows into a build which drops into some Metalheadz-sounding craziness. The track works out into an industrial floor-filler, with sci-fi, cinematic touches and a bounding, insistent rhythm. Eastcolors has produced the track brilliantly, everything coming together as it should do to create one of the finest pieces of drum & bass you’ll hear this year or any year. Heavy, hard and ready to blow, Electronica is simply essential.


Eastcolors teams up with Noel on Mudguard, and you better prepare to get dirty on this one. A light, airy intro which takes us back to the Future Sound Of Russia days, drops into a murky, moody bass monster, laying down a bassline the likes of which you just don’t hear nowadays. Claustrophobic, confining and catastrophic, this one’ll have the heads going crazy. Totally immersive, this one not only sets up another world, it fully populates it with sound. The beats are crazy, the bass is perfect, and once again EC, with Noel, shows that the hype about him is totally justified.