TR TACTICS are a production and DJ duo out of Austria, who have already brought the flavour to Citrus, Disturbed and Dissected Culture. After winning the DNBA Optiv& BTK remix competition, the crew now land with Absolom and Black Light for Addictive Behaviour. As forward thinking, cutting edge and damn funky as you would expect , both tracks highlight the perfect fit between artist and label.


Absolom blasts out of your speakers, with the intro setting you up for something very, very big. The bass rumbles, the drums attack, and after the drop, all out mayhem is unleashed. Powerful, fully integrated neuro-sounding drum & bass is what TR Tactics are all about, and they tick all the boxes with Absolom. Crunching, colliding beats roll around the track, driving things forward into the future. Heavyweight sounds, not to be messed with, Absolom does everything perfectly. Razor sharp.

Black Light

Black Light drops things down deeper, illuminating a maddening descent into the underworld. Funky, removed beats will get your head nodding, until things get serious with warped, magnified basslines and moveable effects. TR Tactics bring all of their effort and knowhow to the production, delving into worlds not open to others. The engineering is clear, clean and directed, with total devastation the end result. The track, like its predecessor, takes you on a journey, bringing in the whole circumference of the sound. TR Tactics might be a new name, but don’t get it twisted, they know what they are about and don’t take no for an answer.