The amazing L 33 returns to Addictive Behaviour, with his latest release, Melt/Let Loose. Hot of the press, this one’s certainly a scorcher with both cuts ready to cement both the label and artist in people’s minds.


Melt is a slowly building masterpiece, where electronic themes are established early. An interesting spoken sample bleeds into the main section, where haunting flutes are inserted over the top of some rich pads and ticking drum effects. The bassline is not forgotten, and once an energetic break comes along, the low end rises up in the mix, making the total package something totally unique and absurdly addictive. L 33 really can do it all, producing a track the like of which you’ve definitely not heard yet.


Let Loose also glides into view, but soon takes a different path, with stronger kicks and a more straightforward approach. The engineering is the equal of Melt, with finely tooled drums and more humming, marauding bass pressure. A vocal snatch reveals itself, before L 33 pours things back in, making for a rough, rising tune which is going to be an absolute killer in the clubs. You’ll not be ableto resist moving and grooving to this one, so get ready for Let Loose.