The 6th release for the Addictive Behaviour comes in the form of relative scene newcomers Handra – an exciting new duo hailing from Poland – who’s dark, yet at points liquid tinged, minimal take on DnB hints that we will be hearing a lot of from these two in the future.

The two cuts on offer, set for worldwide release on September 15th, combine a nice ear for melody and harmonic progression alongside top notch sound design and banging, uncomplicated, rolling dancefloor beats. Elements of found sound, lively up the compositions adding a unique twist to their tightly coiled, minimal old school referencing productions, with disembodied pitched vocal samples offering up almost Burial-esq moments of emotional nostalgia.


Coat of Dust kicks things off in a sombre, reflective mood, with sun soaked piano riffs combining with a ping pong vocal sample, rhythmic foley and sound effects creating a moving backdrop for the tune to reside in. Warm, undulating slabs of classic 80s reese bass finally unite with a crisp, rolling drum track, peppered with unique sounding one-shots, clinical drum fills and techy bass fluctuations creating a nice juxtaposition of liquid and dark, minimal styles.


Stay Away starts life in a vat of natural ambience; the sound of passing cars and distant laughter are evident as the rat-a-tat-tat of jazzy rim-shots usher in the dancefloor ready 2-step beat whilst dubwise stabs ping away in the background. The tune drops into a looping, industrial smeared techy roller with modern bassline science cosying up to warm, affecting sub work and futuristic, alien sound effects, one-shots and classic sounding vocal samples. The minimal, loopy nature of the main sections are addictive and when combined with the tunes natural, found sound ambience and sound organic sound effects creates a highly charged, humbly original darkstep number for the freshman class of 2014.

With heaps of experience to draw on, and a forward thinking label backing them, we can only imagine that big things are afoot for Handra.