Minor Rain is an artist of real diversity and depth who has a deep emotive connection with the music he produces. An accomplished musician who plays piano and sax, drawing on influences from a range of diverse sources from film scores and sound design to artists covering all spectrums of electronic music such as Noisia, Audio, Amon Tobin and Hans Zimmer to name a few. Taking inspiration from artists of that caliber, high-end production values were always going to be an integral part of his work, this providing the foundation for his musicality, with the two elements complimenting each other perfectly. He’s an artist whose aspiration is to produce something truly unique and original. His latest release, on Addictive Behaviour, highlights his ability to not only work at different tempos but also how he’s able to go from the melodic, to the dark and minimal or stylishly blending both laid over precision engineered drum edits.


Shimmering high hats, reverbed bleeps and haunting strings open the Flux track before a short kick and snare leads to the breakdown. Crunchy vox sounds combined with filtered drums and metallic synths ready the track before dropping into a big growling metallically industrial synth and weighty sub that drives the track on. And with a few subtle synth and bass switches this makes for a polished, dark and techy slammer of a track.


Thunderbird begins with a handful of airy and spacious synth notes with some ambient background percussion which blends into a tight light kick and snare pattern whilst a warm soft pad comes sweeping in. Each element progressively gets more urgent as the track builds to a heavy drop. The lead synth drags the track ferociously along underpinned by a phat pumping sub, bass fused with some crisp drum programming for a skillfully sculpted slice of Neurofunk.

With huge releases already on Renegade Hardware, Dispatch Recordings, Med School, Samurai Music & Addictive Behaviour, Minor Rain’s dark and ultra-modern take on drum & bass is quickly building a solid reputation for the Slovakian producer.