Both are known well for their impressive solo work with various labels including Med School Music, Symmetry and Blu Mar Ten. But when Detail & Tiiu come together they produce a truly epic sound. If you heard their haunting ‘Days Go By’ release back in 2013, you’ll be pleased to hear of their return with the mesmerising ‘Delusion’ track. And to put the icing on the musical cake, Detail tops it off with a slice of his darkly tainted tech funk that we know and love.


Detail employs the vocals of the beautiful and talented Tiiu for ‘Delusion’. A track of contrasting elements blending the serene tranquility of the glistening pad sweeps and chords before the dark low sinking bassline and steppy beats slide in. The brooding, emotive, almost melancholic vocal has that hypnotic lost in the music quality that gives the track an understated intensity that’ll have you listening to it over and over again.


The opening to ‘Breakout’ is simply stunning. Lofty, buzzing, arcing inter-stellar sounding sweeps, evanescent hats narrowing in with a seductive female vocal hit that faints as the punchy bass kicks in. Sparse minimalistic beats with teases of old skool breaks accompanied by that swelling granular mid bass drapes the track in a cloak of darkness. Deep, dark and edgy.