The next installment for Addictive Behaviour – Rotation, Part One. An 8 track digital bundle with contributions from artists located all over the globe demonstrating AB’s cosmopolitan approach, international reach and diversity, the album provides tracks covering many of the different flavors within DNB but all with one unifying theme ……. good quality music.

Fade – Danger

Eugene AKA Fade from Kiev gets proceedings underway. Textured chords, fierce twisting bass and percussive influenced drum programming expertly layered, blended and mixed down. Neuro sophistication at its best.

Artifact – Discordant

Young Brighton based producer Artifact shows off his production know how here with a smartly composed and nicely balanced track slotting in the twilight zone between light and heavy, some retro sounding 80’s synth squelches, tight beat sequencing and some half time switch ups thrown in too.

Nitri – Level 2 – Hannah Eve – Don’t Think

Nitri and Level 2 share button-pushing duties on this one with the delectable Hannah Eve adding a feminine touch laying down the vocals. Delicate pads, hefty warping sub bass laced with a minimal high hat and symbol driven beat, absorbing stuff.

Nscape – Pulsar

From the urgency of the opening few bars you know this tracks going to drop hard and it does. A tidal wave of grinding bass, a barreling unorthodox drum pattern with a controlled avalanche of delicately chopped and polished amen breaks crashing in and spinning back out again. Guaranteed tear out vibes

Noel – Last Night

With releases on Ram and collaborations with fellow countryman Eastcolours, Russian badboy Noel contributes with a crisply engineered and high quality piece of dark liquid. A Thudding kick drum with a whip-cracking snare alongside tough break chops, a big fat shadowy low end and deft synth hits with a nice little vocal to top it all off.

TR Tactics – Morbidity

Trademark heavy neuro is the order of the day from crack Austrian production outfit TR Tactics, big kick, big snares, driving, twisting monstrous basslines, clean and balanced production, this one’s a smasher.

Screwball – The Monk

Screwball who some may better know as (Marek Szpak) one half of Polish production team Handra sts forward with solo effort The Monk. A rolling menace of a track, a dark brooding sub bass, push pull beats and sinister male vocal presented with the customary on point production values synonymous with Handra

Nitri – Release – Dead space

Brazilian badman Nitri comes again but this time collaborating with Manchester born Dominic Release. With beautifully crafted atmospherics, bouncy drums, deep low end and stuttering synth hits. Dead Space has you spiraling out of control into the deepest darkest unknown…