Eastcolors returns to AB and serves up two collaborations, co-opting talented friends Nami and Mailky whilst also remixing Detail and Tiiu’s Delusion. All 3 tracks deliver the straitjacket tight production values fans of Eastcolors have come to expect and are sure to increase his already ascending popularity.

Eastcolors & Nami – Times

Air cushioned pad sweeps, subterranean winding and resonating bass layers open up this monster. Proceeded by captive-animal, bar rattling, intense beats assembled and moulded with the precision of a Swiss timepiece. An absolute raging beast of a release.

Eastcolors & Mailky – Bounce

Eastcolors and Mailky manage to bridge the nexus between 1992 hardcore and 2016 D&B. A huge hardcore riff combines with a dense, coloured, whomping bass and shuffling breaks laced with a juggling percussion giving a wonderful synthesis of the old and new.

Detail & Tiiu – Delusion Eastcolors Remix

Delusion goes under the production knife and gets a little nip and tuck from Eastcolors. The soft understated bass of the original gets excised and replaced with a more growling, sideways moving variety whilst picturesque pads hover in the background. The beautiful, emotionally textured vocal of Tiiu is selectively deployed while coiling breaks add some extra hustle to the beats.