Carving out a reputation for cutting edge, new era production and showcasing both theirs and Addictive’s deeper alter ego, Handra return with their 3rd and most exciting EP yet on the label. Inviting the production talents of Bristol based duo Mystic State and the skills of label friends Tiiu and Ed:it, this EP has all the ingredients of a timeless D&B release.

Handra featuring Tiiu – Forget

Heading up this EP, Handra enlist the enchanting singing talents of alluring Russian artist Tiiu. Opening with a melancholy piano rift, we’re soon reunited with the beautiful haunting sound of Tiiu. Accompanied by that well known Handra style industrial kick, snare and echoing growls, this makes for a hypnotising fuse of edgy production and stunning vocals with a chorus that will ring in your head and you’ll never forget.

Handra & Mystic State – Arcane

Arcane: “Understood by few, mysterious, dark, or secret” A fitting title for this enigmatic collaboration from Handra and relative newcomers Mystic State. Beginning with eerie pads and some bassy percussion rolling up from the deep, a mystifying male vocal interjects rapping us up to an aggressive drop. This roller is full of energy and character, marching us on with quality engineered drums and a stomach rumbling bassline.

Handra – Far Away (Ed:it remix)

Ed:it adds the finishing touch to this EP with his fast paced re-lick of Handra’s chill-out tune – Far Away. Starting with the same airy sweeps and far away clicks and snaps, this quickly changes as a typically Ed:it style percussion roll cuts in. This leads to a drop of solid moving bass intertwined with various reverberating vocal stabs giving us an exhilarating up tempo new take on the original. A fine finish to a powerful EP.