One year on from the launch of the inaugural ‘Rotation’ programme, Addictive Behaviour’s various-artist shuttle orbits earth once more. On board this time, a crew of 21 intrepid pioneers, bringing with them a diverse spectrum of musicality and D&B engineering expertise to the quest. Armed, locked and loaded with an assault of sophisticated phonic weaponry, their mission is simple. Audio annihilation!

This 2nd chapter to Addictive Behaviour’s dynamic album series is our most ambitious project to date. An otherworldly journey showcasing an edgy and explosive array of raw talent from a collective of old and new artists from the Addictive camp. Embarking on this Rotation, and making their label debut is an impressive ensemble of well-known names as well as fresh up and coming, cutting edge producers. Nick Bee rains in the darker, techy vibes with his ‘Ghetto Politics’, as do Kyrist & Babarix in their obliterating ‘Maikuro Funk’ collab. Meanwhile, Release, Tephra & Arkoze, Data 3 & Modu provide their own unique variations, beaming with moody subs and percussive vibes, encapsulating the Addictive Behaviour tone to great effect. Philth adds a fresh, melodic, vocal composition to the deep end of the mix in ‘The Big Question’ whilst Dom & Roland’s Xanadu is commissioned for remixing duties delivering an explosive new take on Detail’s ‘Breakout’.

Talking of which, joining the new recruits on this expedition, long term label regulars Detail & L 33 step into the fray, flexing their elements of neuro-tech styles and adding momentum to this growing satellite of revolving music production. Also on board this charter, some recent Addictive additions. Mystic State’s ‘Eye Contact’ and Nami’s ‘Downpour’ push the audio transit on with their bass fuelled roller’s rocketing us in to unknown territory.

Finally, kicking in the afterburn, are the Rotation – Part One veterans. Artifact returns with another relentless aural display in ‘Materialist’ whilst Fade brings a heavy metallic attack in ‘Hold Tight’ Finishing off the universal carnage TR Tactics are joined by relative label newcomers The Clamps to bring us a full on neuro assault in ‘Conscious’.

Rotation –Part Two will be making it’s re-entry in to Earth’s atmosphere on September the 30th. The 14 track LP is an awe-inspiring amalgamation of complex layered productions showing us once again the label’s ability to evolve. An immersive and varied, frontier pushing display with one unifying theme echoing from its core once again. . . Good quality production.