With deep rollers and vibes en masse, Felix Raymon delivers what D&B lovers need. After first releasing on Austrian label “Moshbit Records” and Dutch label “High Tea Music”, Felix first arrived at Addictive Behaviour in January 2018 where he released the Hydro EP together with his brother in crime Smuskind.

Following up now with a solo second EP with support from Italian trio Invadhertz, this release further cements the German producer’s place with Addictive Behaviour and the UK market, #f*ckBrexit. The three tracks on offer here display Felix’s diverse production talents. and vibrant creativity.

‘Dorado’ sets an uplifting scene, with shimmering pads followed by rolling bass lines and stacked drum hits. Whilst ‘Bad Trip’ pulls you into a very different journey. A bass fuelled rhythm pulsating like palpitations, full of switch ups like a muddled mind on ‘LSD’. To finish, ‘Lucifer’ a collab with Invadhertz that delivers deadly bass growls, a shattering snare beat and demonic samples throughout.

Felix Raymon is pushing the music making boundaries with this latest release. A new name still to some but not for long . . .