We continue to bring in new elements to our 2018 line-up as we build on what is looking to be a promising year for Addictive Behaviour. This time drawing in talents from Italian production trio Invadhertz who lay down an intricate display of merciless beatz for their 5 track debut EP entitled Darkroom. What’s more, they’re supported by formidable UK acts, with vocals from the lyrical g; MC Gusto and a remix from the mighty Zero T.

“Darkroom” does what it says on the cover, absorbing you into a basement of intimating basslines and intricate percussion, infused with sinister undertones throughout. MC Gusto brings the vibes with his succinct vocals in “Battle Lines” building the pressure with vibrant catchy hooks. “Nothing more” transcends into even darker realms with its convulsing twisted basslines, followed by “Bison” with a reverberating & relentless rhythm. And to finish Zero T orchestrates his wondrous technical abilities with his “Battle Lines (Remix)” topping off an all-round solid EP.

We are pulling out all the stops this year, drafting in diverse new talents and picking up the pace with our supporting events. This release will be launched officially on the 23rd March at Work Bar with Invadhertz & MC Gusto delivering a live performance of Battle Lines. Join us underground for a blast of this release, just how it was meant to be heard!