Being Addictive Behaviour’s last release of 2017 and 25th release in total, it was decided to deliver something a little bit special. Bringing together label regulars Mystic State alongside a host of talent from previous outings for an epic collaboration project and the labels first full artist LP. ‘Mystic State Versus’ consists of 6 collaborations with artists including Philth, Detail, Xanadu, Data 3, Third Degree and Wingz as well as a cheeky VIP of Mystics last Addictive release and a new solo effort from the Bristol Based duo. Here’s what they had to say about the project:

“To quote our style icon Bob Ross, the way this LP came about was a complete happy accident. The Addictive Behaviour chaps thought it would be a good idea for some members of the roster to put their heads together and write some collaborative music. We started off with “Shakedown” with Detail, a producer who has impressed and inspired us since we started this music thing. The track came along so quickly that we decided to keep going. “Chambers” with Third Degree was our next venture, and in the coming weeks we started bits with Philth, Wingz and Data 3, which flowed together so nicely that the idea of an EP was on the cards. One thing led to another, and we discovered an old track we started with Xanadu nearly 2 years ago after we met him at a gig in London. We passed it back and forth until “Shenhai” was completed. By this point, we’d gone too far, and decided to LP the shit out of it. We made a VIP of “Under the Shadow”, and tidied up a solo track “Shottaz” and realised we had a full length piece of music. We enjoyed making this release so much, it was incredible to work with so many talented producers. If you enjoy listening to it even half as much, we’re happy. Big up to all the listeners, and to Clayton & Neil for supporting us”

To celebrate the launch of the album Mystic are joining us at Dalston’s Bar 512 along with the rest of the LP’s artists as we get in the festive spirit with a Xmas Party like no other. Join us on 22nd of December for a special Xmas shindig and album launch party.