Dealing you a fresh new dose of music making finesse, we give you this stunning debut EP from Bochum based artist OAT. A producer who, unbelievably, only began making D&B just a year and a half ago. His skills have evolved fiercely in the past few months and he is now proudly presenting these 5 sonic soundscapes, each expressing their own distinct individuality, but collectively demonstrating phenomenal production talent.

From the soulful mood evoking melodies of “Feel You” with its subtle warm bass & undertones of melancholy. To the industrial molten beats of the tech-fuelled “Inertia” flexing OATs ingenious heavier side. This release has all the main ingredients and everything in between. Heart pounding subs, textured and sculpted basslines, cutting drum breaks and flowing waves of pads and synths, from the sinister to the sumptuous, it’s all here.

OATs Blurred Lines EP showcases the producers ability to cross the border of sub-genres and deliver his own unique take on them all whilst retaining an identity of his own. A real visionary producer that’s certainly worth keeping an ear out for in the future. And an artist that will be delivering big things on Addictive Behaviour this year. Keep em peeled