Continuing the saga, Addictive Behaviour’s Rotation LP spins round once again bringing with it a multitude of talent from across the globe. Previous iterations of the esteemed Rotation series have featured a mix of rising and emerging artists alongside AB faves and regulars. This fourth instalment doesn’t break tradition, bringing with it an abundance of fresh new names alongside some very recognisable pseudonyms.

However the one vast difference in this year’s offering is the size of the album. The Rotation roster has certainly grown year on year, but where past editions have featured between 8 and 14 tracks this year’s offering will be stacked to the brim with an epic 26 brand new cuts curated from over 30 top drawer, future thinking artists who each bring their own unique blend to the table.

Rotation Four is a colourful display of varied styles showcasing an inspiring array of music making skillsets but all of which express that familiar Addictive sound and high levels of production.