We continue our relentless onslaught of releases from fresh talent with this powerful new single from one of Russia’s hidden secrets and most meticulous producers, Seibel. Yet another great artist that hails from St Petersburg originally, but is now living and producing out of Cologne, Germany. Seibel brings some real alternative ideas to his tunes, with this release delivering some unique slices of production finesse.

The two tracks on offer here are packed full of character and showcase some fine technical craftsmanship. The percussion work is tight and the bass design cleverly sculptured on both A and B tracks. But where ‘ICO’ opens with the moody bass rolls and cutting drum breaks typical of Seibel’s harder techy style, ‘To The Moon’ compliments and surprises with a vibrant retro intro, dropping into a deep sub-heavy liquid roller.

Seibel is another great addition to the Addictive team and further builds the label’s growing German presence. With his determined level of production and an impressive ability to evolve his writing Seibel is surely one to watch for the future.