Next up on the Addictive Behaviour imprint is a continuation EP, celebrating the diverse production prowess of Wreckless & friends once again, this time enlisting support from Necrobia & Conscience. Following on from his Simulacra release last year with Necrobia & Sweetpea, Simulacra & Simulation is a concept based around altered perceptions, alternative realities and being removed from the world as we know it by technology.

This follow up EP consists of four deadly cuts each purveying their own mystifyingly dark undercurrents and each production nodding back to nostalgic inspirations whilst still remaining future fresh. ‘Alienware’ opens up with a damaging assault of contorted snarls and cutting drums. ‘Don’t Care’ switches it up, raining down a mood evoking bass fuelled roller. Following this is the steppy inertia and intricate breaks of ‘Blank’. And rounding it all off is the timeless and unrelenting gritty sounds of ‘Cleanse’.

This 2nd part to the series is an onslaught of tense, captivating and stand-out tracks which you can really take your pick of. A solid collection and addition to anyone’s playlist that continues to deliver the message, urging you to take off the filter, put down the phone and just listen to the raw original music.