We started the year promising big things from Addictive for 2018 and now we are following through as we deliver “Rotation, Pt. 3”. This 3rd album in the trilogy is once again loaded with a phenomenal mixture of fresh emerging talent and returning Addictive favourites, both home grown and from across the water. Each artist brings their own unique flavour to the fold but all with that one resounding theme, top notch production!

The Rotation series has always played host to a spectrum of styles from within the Addictive soundscape and Part 3 is another fine example. There’s tech heavy thumpers from the likes of Mystic State & Wingz, Mozey, whilst sub-bass rollers are delivered from Invadhertz, Black Opps and Sam Binary. Felix Raymon adds an uplifting slice of production to the collection, meanwhile Sicknote & Sweetpea bring an alternative sinister tone with their experimental collab. Incus drops in with a more minimal cut and topping it off with a lighter liquid vibe are both Release & Wagz and Shodan’s additions going in deep.

This 11 track LP is another great showcase of future thinking drum and bass at its finest and displays the vibrant cutting edge production currently on offer from Addictive Behaviour. Keep your ears to the ground for more from this collective and of course for Part 4 of the growing Rotation anthology.