Expanding the ever-growing roster once more, Addictive Behaviour introduces another fresh and exciting artist name to the imprint with a debut EP from the man known as Wreckless. Drawing on his own life experiences and various influences along the way, he delivers an inspired release with the help of some friends.

The mysteriously titled ‘Simulacra’, is a concept based around altered perceptions, alternative realities and being removed from the world as we know it by technology. Wreckless defines this message throughout the release with his postmodern take on production worm-holing through eras with its nostalgic nods to bygone days but still remaining fresh and future-thinking.

‘Simulacra’ also explores roads less travelled, experimenting with an assortment of styles and tempos which pay homage to numerous genres. And to round off the impressive array, Wreckless enlists the help of producer friends Necrobia and Sweetpea, who add their own individual touches to this collection of varied, tense and captivating cuts.

The first part, consisting of five new productions, is just the beginning of a larger project too. A follow up EP from Wreckless is expected to hit later this year and will continue to deliver the message, urging you to take off the filter, put down the phone and just listen to the raw original music.